eeepc :D

so i saved all my pennies up and bought an eeepc 1000HA

:D :D:D



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6 Responses to eeepc :D

  1. Asa says:

    Aww, its so cute, you just want to touch it, aww.

  2. Menthix says:

    Nice. Ofcourse I was the sucker who bought a 900 model just before the new models came out and now I’m stuck with a underpowered machine with too little keys to type comfortable.

    • dt says:

      mmm yeah i kept debating if i should wait for the 1000HE (9hours battery life) but i finally just gave in and figured they dont cost that much, and i can always use it as a quiet little server after i dont want it :>

  3. .Lou says:

    It looks so small :<

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