So, I’ve kind of had an urge to read a few books (something I don’t do often enough), and I kind of get obsessive and tend to read the books in one sitting (kills my sleep cycle… ;<)

Axis of Time
Axis of Time

In the last few weeks, I’ve read quite a few books the first was a series called Axis of Time Which is a series revolved around a US lead taskforce of ships in 2021 which end up traveling back in time to 1942, and the impact these advanced warships have on the culture of 1942. The problem isn’t only with the technology they bring back with them (which is a huge issue in the books), its also the attitude of the crew, how many ships in 1942 had female crew members? or openly homosexual ones?

I quite enjoyed reading this series, and I recommend that you go read them too ;p

There are three books in the series (I do wish there were more :()

Onto the next series of books that I’ve been reading

Cast of Twilight
Cast of Twilight

Twilight, yes I know many of you are sick of hearing about it =p so I wont go into much detail, but the books were quite enjoyable. Its like a classic romance novel where two lovers are figuring out their relationship and have to struggle through issues and dangers….. It has a nice supernatural cast of creatures, like vampires and werewolves in it to make things interesting ;p.

There are four books in the series

Quite a few people have said bad things about the movie, I more want to see it to compare how the author and director envisioned the characters compared to how I imagined the characters (just looking at the movie poster I can see small differences)

If you any suggestions for the next series of books I should read leave a comment :D

(If you haven’t figured it out yet, I do like scifi-ish books ;p)

4 thoughts on “Books”

    1. Hola! Ya haceda tiempo que no te daba la lata. Quereda prnguetarte si por favor podredas subir la serie Sobrenatural (Supernatural en ingle9s). Sin duda de las mejores series (por no decir la mejor) que he visto en mi vida. Te sugiero que la subas y si no la has visto, que te la tragues entera, es MUY buena. Gracias de nuevo.

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