Christmas day


Hope everyone has a nice day, and gets lots of presents =p (and hopefully ones that you like ;p)


I’ll update this post with pictures of the presents I’ve received, once I have received them :P

Pictures added :)

All mine :--o
All mine :--o, two cuddle U pillows, toblerone, dog tag, bodyspray..

Some other pictures of me trying to get him to wear the Christmas hat ;< (never did get it on him, he kept running away) and pictures of my presents

6 thoughts on “Christmas day”

    1. Beautiful pictures they are all great!Love the B&W of Ansel lnayig on the ground just waiting for his first bug to come by.Also the one with Ansel being kissed by mom and dad.You better get one of each.

    2. So, Martha, I came here to look at your directions on your Origami Christmas tree and love it. Then I saw anhtoer item I have been looking for too!! Your Pin it code. What code did you use on your html template to get it to work? I would be ever so grateful if you could share that with me, or where you got it too! Thank you and for the origami video, etc. :-)

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