just upgraded wordpress, theme is still dodgy, will be fixing it soon :) and then I’ll start posting more… even though no one reads this :D

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dt is alive

dt is alive :D DDDD

going to queensland on saturday for a week :D DDD yay

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So i gave in and bought a google developer phone…..

/me waits for it to arrive

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redskin vodka

I decided to make redskin vodka because it sounds awesomeeeeeeee :D

:( now i just need to wait for all the redskins to dissolve, then i need to remove the white leftover gunkstuff :(

then drink!

Finished making it, added filtering pictures and final product :)

Redskin vodka :D

Redskin vodka :D

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eeepc :D

so i saved all my pennies up and bought an eeepc 1000HA

:D :D:D



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